Chicago Lawyer Gives Deviant Agendas A Great Review

Happily, Deviant Agendas recently received a great review from one of Chicago's well-known lawyers, Ms. Karen Conti. Her review appeared in the June 6th edition of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, which is a paper referred to by Chicago lawyers well...daily. In my opinion, Karen is remarkable not only for her legal experience, but also because of her exceptional and creative marketing. Over the course of her career, she's appeared on CNN, Fox and hosted and done guest appearances on countless radio shows. I recall years and years ago, (yes, it has been that long ago), Karen interviewed me and a technology guru on one of her radio shows. We were discussing a new legal service we were introducing about privacy and technology. At that time, no one really thought the privacy-technology issue was too important. But Karen knew it had legs and so had us on her show.

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