My First Novel Deviant Agendas and the Characters with a Voice of Their Own

As a lawyer, I’ve filed countless briefs and appeared on behalf of clients before courts in many states across the country. As you might guess, briefs and court arguments are fact and law based and there is no room for fiction.

So writing and launching Deviant Agendas, my first novel in The V-Files series, has been exciting and a labor of love. For me, writing has always been a joy, and playing with words to create powerful points that people can consider and respond to is one of the most satisfying aspects of writing. But writing a novel lets me do more than make a point. It allows me to create a world where my characters come alive and can say and do what they want.

I've been asked to explain in this blog, why I chose the legal thriller genre and why these characters and this story. I spent quite a bit of time trying to answer those questions and I could not get the words out. I finally realized why. Because, I really didn't plan the genre or choose what I wanted to write about or who the characters would be. Instead, I sat down one morning after a run, and started writing. I let whomever showed up on paper come alive. They told me who they were and where they were headed with their lives. I was just the conduit. In fact, at times, when I reread something one of them said or thought, I would try to change it or make it more "acceptable" or "appropriate." But each time I tried to change one of their voices, they’d resist and insist on their words hitting the page. I finally gave up and let them speak. For me, that was one of the most exhilarating aspects of writing my novel.

Since I've lived in the legal world for more than 30 years, and have a great respect for the law, it's not a surprise that my characters took me to the world of law. It's a wide ranging and fascinating field that touches almost everything in our daily lives. It's taken me on some great journeys and of course most lawyers, especially litigators as I have been for the good majority of my career, have countless war stories.

It's also not a surprise to me that the female protagonists in my story are strong, smart and independent women, each following their own path, who come face to face with certain situations.

You’ll learn more about these women, their origins and how they respond to make-or-break situations in their lives when you read Deviant Agendas. I hope you enjoy the book and find their strengths, challenges and perseverance empowering and just simply entertaining!

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