Katherine Smith Dedrick, legal thriller novel, finanical crime author
Deviant Agendas

Smart, sexy, sassy and driven—Victoria Rodessa just graduated from one of the country’s top law schools and joined the international firm Acker, Smith & McGowen, respected for its advancement of female lawyers.

When Victoria lands a prized assignment vital to the ambitions of the firm’s powerful partners, she sets out to become the first woman to join their ranks. But behind closed doors, deviant agendas are at work. With only her intellect and guts to guide her, Victoria confronts a perfect storm of misogyny, lies and criminal intent. If she follows her conscience, she could lose everything. But keeping silent could come at an even higher cost.



"Fun, fast paced and empowering. A great read!" ~ Terri King

"You had my attention from the first few paragraphs and were my wonderful companion [my] whole trip." ~ Amazon reviewer


""God she thought you can’t make this stuff up" sums up my reaction to a novel written with such professional ... knowledge and experience, with the uncommon additional flair of an artist of storytelling. Katherine's womanly wit and wisdom set a cracking pace, bringing the characters vividly to life. Katherine in her expert witness novel 'takes charge' and 'nails it.'" Gayel Marquet

"Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller - The V-Files Book 1 by Katherine Smith Dedrick is a complete stunner. The story follows Victoria Rodessa, a newly graduated law student who lands a job at one of the best companies in the country. Acker, Smith & McGowen is known for providing female lawyers ample opportunities to grow their careers and work side by side with men. Victoria feels blessed and excited when she is given the assignment with the firm's partners; this assignment can make their future very bright and can become very lucrative for Victoria..." Read More>>
Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

"Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller by Katherine Smith Dedrick is Volume 1 of the V-Files. Victoria Rodessa has graduated from law school and has gone to join Acker, Smith & McGowen, one of the top international law firms that pushes female lawyers to succeed. The partners have high ambitions and when a top case falls into Victoria’s lap, a case that is important to their ambitions, she starts the journey to become the first female partner of the firm. Things are not what they seem at first glance though, and Victoria could be heading for trouble. She has to make a big decision – listen to her conscience and risk losing all she has worked for, or stay quiet and pay a far higher price. Which path would you take?" Read More>>

~  Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Private Agendas
Blackmail. Sex Trafficking. Kidnapping. Victoria is back.

This time she's in danger of having her life destroyed by the private agendas of powerful, corrupt men. Obsessed with growing her law firm and punishing the male law partners who fired her from theirs on trumped up charges, Victoria and her friends are on the hunt for evidence to prove Victoria's innocence.

Unless she can get others to step forward, she'll be left to take on her former bosses single-handedly.


Desperate and frustrated, Victoria and her friends concoct a last-minute plan to pull strings in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Chicago. Will it work?

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