Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller (Book One of The V-Files)
Victoria Rodessa, a recent Law School graduate sets out to join the powerful, international firm Acker, Smith and McGowen, which is known for its advancement of female lawyers. Victoria lands a prized assignment vital to the ambitions of the firm and she sets out to become the first women invited into its partnership. Behind closed doors however, deviant agendas are at work. Using only intellect and guts to guide her, Victoria will have to confront a perfect storm of misogyny, lies, and criminal intent. If she follows her gut, she could lose it all but staying silent will come at an even higher risk. 

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Private Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller (Book Two of The V-Files)

Blackmail. Sex trafficking. Kidnapping. Victoria’s in danger of having her life destroyed by the private agendas of the powerful and corrupt. Obsessed with growing her law firm while simultaneously meting out revenge, Victoria and her friends are on the hunt to prove her innocence and restore her reputation.  Unless she can convince others to step forward, she’ll be left to single handedly confront evil that will stop at nothing to protect its power. 

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The 10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me
These are 10 lessons Katherine learned the hard way, Katherine found it was important to offer her hard-earned knowledge to other women to inspire, motivate, and help them avoid these same mistakes. With 10 topics, like networking and how to do it (chapter 5 Networking-A Woman’s Game), the importance of knowing your worth (chapter 6 Your Absolute Assets) and the critical importance of connecting with those who inspire (chapter 2 Swim in the Stream Going Your Way) there is something for everyone. These lessons are conveyed through funny and poignant examples and stories. When you find one that speaks to you, let it instill confidence, self-esteem, and continued growth for your path forward. 
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ISBN: 9780615419934

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