Katherine Smith Dedrick is an attorney, arbitrator, activist, author, speaker, and mother. Katherine has litigated in federal and state courts throughout the US and was one of the first women appointed to the management committee of a large, national law firm. Initially earning a degree in business from Arizona State University, Katherine then received her law degree with high honors from ITT Chicago Kent College of Law, before earning an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Smart, sexy, sassy and driven—Victoria Rodessa just graduated from one of the country’s top law schools and joined the international firm Acker, Smith & McGowen, respected for its advancement of female lawyers.

Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller (Book One of The V-Files)

This time she's in danger of having her life destroyed by the private agendas of powerful, corrupt men. Obsessed with growing her law firm and punishing the male law partners who fired her from theirs on trumped up charges...

Private Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller (Book Two of The V-Files)

The 10 Things are some of the lessons that were learned the hard way. They are offered to motivate and inspire women to help them avoid and learn from the mistakes of others and to have an easier path forward.

The 10 Things

I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

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